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Hund im Gruenen blickt aufmerksam in die Kamera, seine Nase ist im Fokus


Knauder - that's me. More precisely: Martin Knauder, certified dog trainer, coach for dog people and dog owner himself. Our entire product range comes from my own ideas, developments and prototypes.

Together with my wife Brigitte and our enthusiastic team, we pursue the original company idea every day, which has remained valid for us to this day: We want to promote and enrich the wonderful partnership between dogs and humans.

It is in our name: We give our best. With every idea, in every toy and accessory, in every customer conversation and in every single encounter with a dog.

Happy and species-appropriate dogs.

What brings us the most joy are happy dogs.

I discovered one way to dog happiness almost casually years ago with our then bitch: Dog communication goes via the nose.

We take it personally.

The story of KNAUDER'S Best is actually not a company story, but rather a very personal matter.

Because in fact the development of our two best-selling products is based on personal experiences and adventures I had with our family dog Josie. It all started with SCHNÜFFELRASEN®.

Long-lasting sniffing happiness thanks to best quality.

We want to make dogs and dog owners happy not only today, but also tomorrow and the day after. In order to keep the quality of our range consistently high, we personally select our suppliers and processing sites with great care.
Knauders Best - Bekannt aus
Knauders Best - Bekannt aus