Hund im Gruenen blickt aufmerksam in die Kamera, seine Nase ist im Fokus


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Knauder - that's me. More precisely: Martin Knauder, certified dog trainer, coach for dog people and dog owner himself. Our entire product range comes from my own ideas, developments and prototypes.

Together with my wife Brigitte and our enthusiastic team, we pursue the original company idea every day, which has remained valid for us to this day: We want to promote and enrich the wonderful partnership between dogs and humans.

It is in our name: We give our best. With every idea, in every toy and accessory, in every customer meeting and in every single encounter with a dog.

Happy and species-appropriate dogs.

The motivation of KNAUDER'S BEST:

What brings us the most joy are happy dogs.
I discovered one way to dog happiness almost casually years ago with our then dog: Dog communication goes through the nose.

That's why we at KNAUDER'S BEST specifically develop products that address exactly this organ and the natural disposition of dogs. The dog's nose and its innate enthusiasm for sniffing.

Sniffing makes dogs happy - and humans as well.
By seeking communication with our dog through his nose, we can achieve an incredible amount: play and fun - of course - but also species-appropriate exercise and stimulation or even distraction and relaxation.

Together with you, we want to strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged friend and make your life together even more enjoyable.

The history of KNAUDER'S BEST:

We take it personally.

The story of KNAUDER'S Best is actually not a company story, but rather a very personal matter.

Because in fact, the development of our two best-selling products is based on personal experiences and experiences I had with our family dog Josie. It all started with the SCHNÜFFELRASEN®.

From sniffing nose to prototype.

In my training as a dog trainer, I acquired a lot of theoretical knowledge about dogs. However, I learned the most from the joint work with our dog during this time. On her I could discover and enthusiastically observe how important the nose and sniffing are for dogs. The targeted search for toys and training tools that address exactly this sense of the dog, however, was fruitless.


So I sit down myself: first at the drawing pad, then at the sewing machine. What would be fun for my Josie, what would stimulate her, excite her and stretch her?

The result, the first prototype of today's SCHNÜFFELRASEN®, convinced our dog from the first second. And thereby also me and my family.

KNAUDER'S BEST since 2014.

After our Josie had so much fun with the sniffing race and I increasingly used him in my trainings, we thought to ourselves: what pleases our bitch, could also be an enrichment for other dog owners.

By now you already know: we just try out our ideas!
And so in 2014 we presented our sniffing toys for the first time to a wider public, at a trade fair around pet supplies. There we were real sniffing pioneers! No other manufacturer focused on our dogs' favorite hobby as consistently as we did.

The feedback and inquiries were so overwhelming that we knew we had proven ourselves good sleuths. The next step was then easy: KNAUDER'S BEST was founded.

Since then, we have been developing sniffing-related products for every dog breed, every dog character and every possible life situation of dog owners. As a perfect complement to our sniffing products, we also offer our own treats since 2021: the Schnüffelis.  

The most beautiful thing about it for us? Seeing again and again how much joy we bring to dogs and dog owners with our passion.

The quality of KNAUDER'S BEST:

Long-lasting sniffing happiness thanks to the best quality.
We want to make dogs and dog owners happy not only today but also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. To keep the quality of our assortment consistently high, we personally select our suppliers and processing sites with great care.

After a long and intensive search we have found the ideal material for our sniffing and cuddling products. A durable thick fleece that is brushed on both sides, anti-static and completely free of harmful substances.

This fabric is processed by hand in an EU sewing factory, which inherently pays attention to fair working conditions and compliance with environmental standards. We regularly visit the production facility and have maintained a close partnership relationship for years.

Ever since we launched the Schnüffelrasen, we were on the lookout for the perfect treat to go with it. In 2021, everything finally fell into place: we found reliable partners in Bavaria, on whose farms animal welfare is a top priority. The quality of the meat convinced us.

Our appreciation for quality, combined with our great passion for happy dogs, that's what you get from us: KNAUDER'S BEST.

Knauders Best - Bekannt aus
Knauders Best - Bekannt aus