Hund im Gruenen blickt aufmerksam in die Kamera, seine Nase ist im Fokus

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Knauder - that’s me. Martin Knauder, to be exact. I am a certified dog trainer and I coach dog people. Of course, I have a dog in my family as well. Our entire product range originates from my own designs, developments, and prototypes.    

My wife Brigitte, our enthusiastic team and I strive every day to keep our original vision alive, which we still strongly believe in: We want to stimulate and enrich the wonderful partnership between dogs and humans.

It’s in our name: We do our best. With every idea, every tool, toy, and accessory.  During every client meeting and in every single encounter with a dog.

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Happy dogs, able to embrace their innate behavior.

Happy dogs are what makes us happy!

It was rather by chance that I discovered a path to dog-bliss while working with our former dog: Their nose is one of their primary means of communication.

That is why KNAUDER’S BEST develops tools and toys that appeal directly to this organ and its natural abilities: The canine nose and its innate eagerness for sniffing, snooping, and searching.  

The way to a dog’s heart is through its nose.  

Going down this path, we can achieve incredibly much: fun and play as well as appropriate outlets for energy, stimulation or even distraction and relaxation.

We make it personal.

Our story is not so much a business story, but more of a very personal matter.

The development of our two most popular enrichment tools did in fact spring from personal insights and experiences I had with our family dog Josie. It all started with the SCHNÜFFELRASEN® 

An idea becomes a prototype.

During my formation as dog trainer, I learned a lot of theory on dogs. But working with our dog Josie was what taught me most during that time. It was with her, that I would first discover and observe the importance of sniffing and snooping for a dog. My intense search for toys and training tools addressing a dog’s nose, however, brought no results.

So I sat down myself, first with my sketchbook and then on to the sewing machine. What would Josie enjoy, what would stimulate her, excite her and be an appropriate outlet?  

The answer to these questions was our first prototype of today’s SCHNÜFFELRASEN®, which literally translates to snuffle lawn. It had our dog convinced right away. And by that, it became an instant hit with my family and myself as well.

KNAUDER’S BEST since 2014.

Since Josie enjoyed the SCHNÜFFELRASEN® so much, and I was increasingly using it during training routines, we got to the point where we thought it might be an enrichment for other dog owners as well.

As you know by now, we simply try out any new idea we have! And so, in 2014, we presented our enrichment tools to the public for the first time at a trade show for animal supplies. We were true snuffle pioneers! No other brand focused on the dog’s favorite pastime like us.

The feedback and demand were overwhelming, and we knew we were on to something. The next step was easy: we founded KNAUDER’S BEST.

Ever since then, we have been developing enrichment products that are all about sniffing and snuffling for every breed, every character, and every daily circumstance in a dog owner’s life. As a perfect complement to our enrichment tools, we started manufacturing our own line of dog treats in 2021: the SCHNÜFFELIS.

What we love most about our job, is to see – time and again – the joy we bring to dogs and their owners through our passion.

Lasting happiness due to great quality.

We want to make dogs and dog owners happy. Not only today, but also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. To maintain our high-quality standard, we personally and meticulously select our providers and processing facilities.

After a long and intense search, we had finally found the ideal material for our enrichment tools and cuddly blankets: A durable thick fleece fabric. Its surface is lightly roughened on both sides, it is anti-static and completely toxin-free.

The fabric is sewn together by hand in a European sewing manufactory. By design, this company respects and promotes fair working conditions as well as compliance with environmental standards.
We visit the production facilities on a regular basis and have been maintaining this partnership for years.   

Ever since we launched our SCHNÜFFELRASEN®, we have been looking for the perfect treat to complement it. Finally, in 2021, everything fell into place: We met reliable partners in Bavaria, Germany, who prioritize species-appropriate husbandry along with a balanced feeding. The meat quality convinced us right away.

What we offer, is an appreciation for quality combined with our great passion for happy dogs. In a nutshell: KNAUDER’S BEST.